Get Motivated For Fitness

The fitness section is something you guys have been SO stoked about which makes me SO stoked. I’ve been WAY too precious with it. I keep telling my trainer, “okay okay we’ll figure it out soon!”


I’m not sure if that was my inner demons or troll comments but either way they’re right!
All jokes aside, fitness is something that has taken over my LIFE the past year and a half. 
My most vivid memory is when I started dating my now ex-boyfriend and told him I thought microwavable hot dogs were straight PROTEIN! I thought I was soo healthy. 

Hot dogs aren’t even real meat? So, I’m PRETTY SURE my body actually hated me. 
So around that time is when I started changing my lifestyle completely. I hired a personal trainer and started changing the way I ate. Both of these things might sound super unrealistic and too hard, but I promise there are SO many ways to turn your lifestyle around and that is what this section is ALL about. I know how hard it is to do, and that’s why I am here to help! 

For the record, I have always been a very tiny/skinny person. I was very fit in high school because I was a competitive cheerleader but ate like SHIT. Then I gained a little bit of weight in college (classic) but was still very small. It wasn’t until I traded my body fat for lean muscle mass, and my hot dogs for turkey burgers, that I really realized, “WOAH, living a healthy lifestyle is SO important”
It seriously changed my life for the better. 

Also, I am in no way, shape, or form perfect at this and no one is. Well maybe a few people but not me. I still eat pizza and cookies and skip workouts on days where I decided wine was better than water at dinner. So please, please don’t be too hard on yourself! Change your lifestyle little bits at a time and do what works for YOU! 

Don’t do it so you can look in the mirror and see someone else. You will always be you! 
Do it to be the best version of yourself, to feel good from the inside and radiate it out! 
It sounds cheesy, but seriously, it’s SO true. 
I go crazy if I feel gross. Granted, I’m way too hard on myself so please learn from my flaws, but since I know what I feel like at my best, I don’t enjoy feeling otherwise. 
If you set small goals, you achieve them, and life can only go up from there. 
Trust the process. All the ups and downs will be worth it. 
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Lauren Elizabeth

Honey Obsession

Did you read this article title with a question mark? I mean you probably did because it's written like that but you probably also were thinking WTF? Honey? Let me tell it to ya straight. I get WEIRD obsessions. My friends finds it fascinating how my mind functions like an old lady with children or cats or whatever. But what can I say I have weird life interests. AND I'M HERE TO TELL YOU ABOUT THEM. So let's get to the honey thing. I am obsessed with honey...
It all started when I was shooting my last movie in Charleston. There was this honey store, yes a honey store, on King st. and I was always so curious to what was going down in there. So finally the last week of shooting my cast mates and I ended up in THE honey store I had admired from afar for so long. It was everything I ever wanted and more. I honestly wish I could’ve stayed longer but I was with two boys that were very set on getting pizza and beer and not shopping with me. This honey store had an array of honey that you could try and let’s just say I was hooked on every kind. Lavender Honey! Special Cheese Tray Honey! Cinnamon Whipped Honey! Oh yeah. It happened. I bought a ton of honey. They also were honey experts so they explained how incredible honey is for you so I’m sold on anything that’s natural and beneficial to my body and life. THEN. I go to Coachella, right? And I discovered another new obsession with this hot acai bowl spot, Backyard Bowls. I ordered an acai bowl and they ask, “would you like a honey drizzle on that?” 
Guess my answer. 
Just guess.

I was ecstatic, like someone had gotten down on one knee and offered to drizzle honey on my ring finger or something. 
It’s the little things. 
But seriously it was a game changer. I now only eat Acai bowls with honey drizzle on top. 

Honey is SO good for you and such an easy thing to sweeten up any healthy snack. 
We’re talking oatmeal, we’re talking smoothies, we’re talking hot lemon water. 
Try it. I dare you. 

Welcome to the Honey Obsession club. 

My Vitamin Routine

I recently mentioned in a haul video some of the vitamins I take! I am certainly no nutritionist or doctor but living a healthy lifestyle is so important to me and I’m always trying new things! I don’t always know what nutritional value I’m going to get from my meals since I’m on set or just have a crazy day. There are also things I struggle with such as fatigue and inflammation that I factor into my choice of vitamins. I make sure the brands I purchase are plant based or referred by a professional. Adding these extra vitamins to my daily routine helps me feel better and get all the nutrition I need. I put together a list of everything I take in the morning for you guys to check out! Check with your doctor if you want to add some vitamins or supplements to your routine too!