Rose Water

If you’ve been following me for a while you know I’m obsessed with skin care. Granted I’m genuinely obsessed with every category on this app but skincare is something I’ve realized, as I get older, how vital it is to take care of. You only get the skin you’re in for your whole life so treat is with RESPECT! Sorry I’m dramatic. I’ll be doing a TON of skincare related posts but am dying to share my recent obsession with you all. While I was on set filming my most recent movie (We Love You), my makeup artist taught me so much about skincare and used so many products containing rose water on my skin. I always knew rose water was good for your skin but now I’m starting to notice it everywhere! Rose water is known for it’s soothing, toning, and hydrating skin benefits. It also smells so feminine and fresh so not only do I love spraying it on myself for that reason, but it truly calms the redness in my skin and keeps it fresh and toned. Rose water is now a staple in my bathroom and on the go beauty routine. 
Don’t worry, rose water is great for ALL skin types, dry, acne, oily, no matter what type of skin you have rose water is going to become a staple for you too! Here are some of my favorite rose water products!